Dear customers

Starting as the name of Seo Kwang Industry,SEO KWANG E.V.A Co., Ltd. with the passion for the best products and all the staff‘s unceasing spirit of challenge about developing and making investigation is continuously growing, expanding,relocating the factory, and now establishedSEO KWANG Vina E.V.A Co., Ltd.

For 10 years with customers our company has put out all our strength to upgrade of products equipment and system directly interconnected with high - quality production. As time passes on, our company has realized that everything does not go always well, but we have also awakened that we can achieve the shining hear and the hearafter by making the best of a bad bargain and doing our best with the positive minds and professional spirits, namely the way of thinking we can do.

We promise repaying an obligation of customers by growing a company giving satisfaction to the customers through the rational and creational management.

Thank you.
chief executive officer
Lee Dong Hun